AC Repair Guide: Why a Refrigerant Leak Could be the Problem

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AC Repair Guide: Why a Refrigerant Leak Could be the Problem

Refrigerant leaks are problems that we handle regularly. It’s not that air conditioners are expected to leak refrigerant– they most certainly are not.

It’s just that this problem can add to other issues in a variety of methods.

Is your air conditioner keeping up improperly with your cooling needs?

It could be a refrigerant leakage. Are your energy bills too expensive?

This likewise could be due to a refrigerant leakage. So, today we had actually like to discuss the causes behind refrigerant leaks and how these issues can be observed by you as a house owner.

Remember, calling us for a/c repair work in Tulsa, Ok  earlier implies you’re preventing more side-effects and high costs due to the refrigerant leak.

Save cash and keep one’s cool by adhering to our refrigerant leakage guide down below!

How It Happens

Refrigerant leaks do not happen amazingly. Consider it, your compressor keeps the refrigerant at high pressures within the lines of your a/c.

Like any high-pressure pipes, they can rupture after a long period of time, wear and tear, or just tension for working years on end. Just because your air conditioner springs a refrigerant leakage doesn’t suggest it’s a bad ac system.

This simply suggests it’s working hard and it needs to be fixed properly! So, let’s figure out how you could identify whether your a/c is struggling with a refrigerant leakage. To start,  check for lukewarm air because if you’re getting home after a long day of work and you turn your air conditioning unit on, you ought to actually feel the difference.

If, after an hour or so, your air conditioner is simply pumping out lukewarm air that slightly aggravates you, then you might be the victim of a refrigerant leakage. As refrigerant leaks from your air conditioner, it ends up being harder and harder for it to do its task properly. Your air conditioner may never reach the temperature levels specified on your thermostat, and because case, you’ll require it to be fixed.

Strange Noises-

Because refrigerant is kept as a high-pressure gas and liquid in numerous different areas of your air conditioning unit, it can make noises when it begins to leak. Hissing noises represent the gas getting away from the refrigerant lines.

Bubbling can be heard when air bubbles get in the refrigerant lines that are typically taken up by liquid refrigerant. In any case, these sounds are bad news and your air conditioning unit needs to be fixed as soon as possible!


An a/c that runs with less refrigerant is going to have difficulty running as effectively as one with the optimum quantity.

It will begin taking in more energy to run the regular cycle, or possibly even cool less air while taking in more energy, meaning your energy bills will be obnoxiously high. Take a look at your monthly expenses and see if you observe a pattern.

If you do, then it’s about time that this pattern is attended to and we get your air conditioner to the effectiveness levels it deserves. The air conditioner specialists at AC Repair Tulsa can offer quality repairs at affordable prices

Call us today, and talk to one of our AC/HVAC/Heating experts today!

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